Treasured Kids Primary Schools

Treasured Kids Primary Schools started in 2004 and was registered by the Ministry of Education in February 2007. Since its inception in 2004, the school has been able to provide primary level education to over 2000 children.

Treasured Kids School is a service provision venture that provides kindergarten and primary level education with a vision to set up a high school and a technical institute.


To equip learners mentally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually bearing in mind that excellence ends in heaven.


To equip children for their destiny.

Core Values

• Loving and Serving • Teamwork • Excellence • Integrity • Diligence • Respect

Goals & Objectives

• To educate our learners in Christian morals and ethical and spiritual values.

• To instill into our learners a sense of service, duty and leadership.

• To develop good discipline and manners.

• To equip learners with basic skills and knowledge, and to encourage personal development.

• To enable our learners to acquire functional literacy, mathematical proficiency and communication skills in the Ugandan language and English.

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