About Us

Heart for African People focuses on improving the lives of individuals in the communities where we operate in three main ways; 

We aim to spread the love of Christ through preaching the gospel. 

We provide educational opportunities through setting up schools and child sponsorship programs. 

We encourage development of practical life skills through vocational training, financial education and a small business loan plan.

We have played a role in changing lives in the slum communities where we operate. At least one child in every family in these communities has been given a chance to education through our schools and Sponsorship program. 

Many people in the vicinity testify to how God delivered them from witchcraft and sorcery now that they lead a purposeful life and for the Glory of Christ. Heart for African People exists to bring hope to the hopeless and love to those who feel forgotten, excluded and cast aside.

For 17 years, Heart for African People (formerly called Deo Ministries) has been making a difference in men, women and children’s lives. We are humbled to know that we have touched and changed over 5000 lives since we began this ministry and we believe and hope to grow bigger in continuing to do more.

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